Installing an electronic access control system helps to increase the security and safety of your business. iSecurity Systems can provide a range of access control technology tailored to your individual needs to reduce the risk of security breach, keeping your staff and customers safe on site. Controlling access in and out of your business and accounting for movement within your property are essential aspects of professional-level security. Using the latest technology, our bespoke access control systems allow you to secure every door, barrier, gate and turnstile, connecting entry and exit points with a range of security devices in a way that suits your requirements.

iSecurity Systems offers a wide range of access controls coded entry systems and even biometric technology. By controlling the access and movement of individuals within your premises, you can rest assured that only authorised persons are able to gain access to particular areas. Reliable security solutions help to provide staff and customers with peace of mind while ensuring vehicles, equipment and valuables are kept secure.

Our security experts will help you to identify risks within your premises and design a system to allow flawless movement for authorised personnel with tailored access and restriction control. Using electronic access control systems, you will also be able to track and record access information for review in the event of a security breach.

✔ Flexible control of where and when individuals are allowed to access your property

✔ Easy-to-use customer interface which enables you to easily add, remove or amend users

✔ Off-site remote control

✔ Detailed entry logging to record each action onto the system for review or reporting

✔ Tailored controls enabling you to restrict access by time and area

✔ Protect people, vehicles and valuables on site with a straightforward security protocol

✔ No costly changes to locks – access controls work in conjunction with existing security measures and users can be added or removed from the system as required

✔ Entry log recording and monitoring for security reports and to keep track of employee timesheets

Electronic access control systems from iSecurity Systems can be used alongside CCTV, intruder alarms and intercom systems to offer complete peace of mind for your business. If you already have a security system in place we can help you to integrate new technology or upgrade your equipment with improved solutions. Whatever your needs, our maintenance engineers are always on hand to keep your access control system and security equipment in perfect working order.

We offer free and professional advice to suit your specific needs.