Closed-circuit TV (CCTV) equipment provides a reliable foundation for any security system. At iSecurity Systems we work closely with all our customers to deliver bespoke, state of the art technology for comprehensive security solutions. If you already have CCTV installed, we can help you to maintain, improve and integrate new features into your existing security system.

CCTV offers peace of mind for businesses and organisations of all sizes, reassuring customers and staff, reducing the risk of property damage, theft and unwanted behaviour on your premises. CCTV has been proven to reduce crime, protect investments and safeguard businesses, enabling you to relax and concentrate on the day-to-day operation of your company without worrying about vandalism, break-ins and burglaries.

Whether you have an existing system or are looking for a new CCTV system installation, iSecurity can advise, design and install closed-circuit technology specifically tailored to the individual requirements of your company using high-quality equipment and innovative solutions. Our CCTV installation and maintenance services are suitable for businesses large and small – find out how an IP CCTV system could help your company.

✔ Reduced likelihood of crime helps to make staff and customers feel more secure and raise the profile of your business

✔ Cost-efficient systems use low voltage and motion detection to reduce costs

✔ Crystal clear digital imaging allows recording and playback – essential for viewing and retaining evidence in the case of an incident

✔ Discrete systems are available to suit a variety of properties and requirements

✔ Use internally and externally to protect property, people, vehicles and valuables

✔ Advanced digital recording provides 100% picture capture (as opposed to 5% analogue capture)

✔ Monitor your premises remotely on your phone using our smart phone app or on the web – view your CCTV feed from anywhere in the world!

✔ High Definition and quality images that adapt to changing light conditions using LED to ensure clarity

✔ Easy to use interface enables simple access to footage when needed
We offer free and professional advice to suit your specific needs.